The Centre has around 7,000 members including Institutional Members drawn from all over India and abroad. Membership is given to individuals of all nationalities interested in various fields like education, health, science, art, culture, governance and others. It is also given to institutions such as universities, national laboratories, national academies, as well as institutions in harmony with the aims and objectives of the Centre. Foreigners and Indian nationals abroad are considered for admission as Overseas Associate Members. Membership is also available to select overseas institutions.

As per the revised Membership Policy, applications for a period of three years are invited on the prescribed form.  These applications are examined by a STAM Selection Committee comprising Director, three Members of the Executive Committee and Secretary.  The Committee meets two to three times a year to examine all received applications and make recommendations to the President regarding the induction of STAM Members.  The list of applicants who are inducted as STAM are displayed on the IIC website.

STAM Members who complete the period of three years are considered for extension on a case to case basis by a further period of two years based on their interest and contribution to the activities of the Centre.

Consideration for enrolment as regular Members is from among former STAMs who have completed their five years (3+2 years STAM tenure). The Director shall prepare a report bringing out the contribution made by the applicants (ex-STAM)  towards the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Centre; involvement/participation in the programmes and activities of the Centre; programmes individually organised by them at the Centre; articles, if any, written by them for the Centre’s publications, etc. The Admission Committee (TAC) meets once or twice in a year to interact with such applicants who have completed their five years as STAM as necessary, and decides their enrolment as regular members. The scale of such enrolment largely is equal to the number of vacancies which arise in the previous year on account of death and resignation.

Admission fees and subscriptions payable by members are decided by the Board of Trustees of the IIC from time to time. Click here for details with effect from 1st April 2024.

IIC Members' Protocol

Information of IIC for Newly Enrolled Members’