Flexible seating arrangement: 25 persons for Board Room style meetings and 40-45 persons for lunches and dinners.


Full Day Slot: 9am - 5pm/ 9am - 3pm/ 4pm - 11pm

Tariff: Rs.6,386/-


Half Day Slots: 8am - 10am/ 11am - 3pm/ 4pm - 6pm/ 7pm - 11pm

Tariff: Rs.4,543/-



Members are required to ensure that Booking Guidelines for IIC venues and catering are strictly followed. Appropriate action will be taken in case of any deviation.

IIC programmes will have priority over other bookings. If required venue of meeting/catering can be shifted/cancelled at the last minute.

IIC Audio Visual equipment is provided for the purpose of conference and seminar related functions only and between 9.00 am to 9.00 pm. The Audio Visual equipment is not provided for the purposes of projecting backdrops or to be used for lunch /dinner reception functions etc.

Tariff Card of AV equipment charged separately.

The above facilities are inclusive of all taxes. Advance booking against full payment  Effective from 1st  May 2019

For venue status and for sending online booking requests to the Central Booking Office (CBO), please click here.