The Publications Division of the India International Centre was initially set up to provide the reading public with some of the outstanding lectures, seminars and talks held at the Centre. Gradually, the scope was widened and today, the IIC brings out a number of publications that cover a wide range of subjects.

The most prominent among the publications is the IIC’s journal, IIC Quarterly, published in Summer, Autumn and a Winter-Spring thematic issue. It is a multi-disciplinary, illustrated publication with essays by some of the leading authors and thinkers from across the world.

Each year, in collaboration with the Malcolm and Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust, the IIC also publishes the Mid-Year Review of the Indian Economy, co-published with NCAER.

To enable members and research scholars access to important lectures, talks and presentations held at the Centre, the Publications Division publishes the series called Occasional Publication. From time to time, the IIC Publications Division also publishes books that are mostly drawn from the seminars and important cultural events held here.

A Diary, which is a selection of reviews of the IIC’s cultural calendar, is brought out once every two months. It also brings to the members important notices and provides a glimpse of the future programmes.

The Annual Report of the India International Centre is presented by the Director at the Annual General Body Meeting in March. This gives a detailed account of the year’s activities of the Centre together with its financial status. Copies are available in the Library and it is also posted on the Web.

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