Date Published
The Ongoing Genocide in Gaza (Sectoral Policy Group: Foreign Relations) (OP 116)
John Cherian (Group Convenor: K.P. Fabian)
Addressing Earthquake Risk in India (OP 115)
Ukraine-Russia Conflict: India's Energy Security (Sectoral Policy Group: Security) (OP 114)
Shebonti Ray Dadwal (Group Convenor: Cmde. C. Uday Bhaskar)
Structural Change Reversed: A Comparative Analysis Pre- and Post-2015 (Sectoral Policy Group: Agriculture) (OP 113)
Santosh Mehrotra (Group Convenor: Siraj Hussain)
The Constitution of India and Indian Democracy: Have the Legislature, Judiciary and Executive Remained True to Their Constitutional Mandate? (OP 112)
Jagdeep Dhankhar
Metamorphoses: Talking Technology