Member’s Dinner: ASSAMESE BHOJ
Start Date
05 May 2022, 12:00 am

Dear Member,

There is much more to the verdant state of Assam than its lush-green tea estates and abundant wildlife. It is also home to a cuisine famed for the delicacy of its flavours and aromas. Reputed Assamese Chef MRS. UTPALA MUKHERJEE introduces us to a cuisine that is a confluence of the cooking styles of the hills that favour fermentation and smoking techniques as well as cooking in banana leaves and bamboo hollows which add as much flavour as would spices. Assamese dishes are less spicy than any other Indian dishes, but carry richness of taste and health, using a wide variety of rice, fish, greens, and local and natural herbs. The use of raw mustard oil and fermented bamboo shoots gives the cuisine a distinctive taste. The Assamese contribution to the world of taste is the alkalinity of ‘khar’, just as Japanese cuisine introduced the world to ‘umami’.

India International Centre is organising ‘ASSAMESE BHOJ’, a Special Dinner for Members and their Guests on Saturday, 7th May 2022, in the Fountain Lawns from 2000 hrs onwards… Members who are interested are requested to make advance bookings with the Centralized Booking Office on 011-24609369, 24609451 or send an email to or send a WhatsApp to 9910333937   Please note, reservation will be made on first-come-first served basis. Restrictions on the number of guests accompanying a member have been eased. For large groups special arrangements have been made to accommodate them. All necessary arrangements for social distancing and sanitization will be strictly adhered to.

The catering bills need to be settled by members with their smart/ Debit/ Credit card after the meal.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Kanwal Wali



Kachumber Salad



Chicken Khorika (marinated grilled chicken)
Noroxingho bhoja (veg) batter fried leaves of curry plant


Main Course

Ghoruwa mangso (mutton curry) (N.veg)
Pork with black sesame gravy (N.veg)
Xaak Bhaji (veg)
Smoked bhindi pitika (veg)
Vegetable tenga (veg)
Khar (veg)
Steamed Rice



Konidhan Kheer
Chef special ice cream


(Non-Vegetarian - Rs.  1100/-- All-Inclusive)


(Vegetarian - Rs 850/- All Inclusive)