22 February 2021, 12:00 am
Aks-e-Mausiqui (Shadow of music)
Programme Type
Films and Exhibitions

An exhibition of archival portraits of leading Indian classical artists taken during their live performances. 
Photographs by Rakesh Sinha from Lucknow

The online exhibition is on view 15th to 28th February 2021

About the exhibition
On view at the exhibition is a collection of archival/heritage portraits of leading Indian classical dancers and musicians taken at their live performances. These 16x20 inches bromide photographs capture the myriad moods and emotions of the artist as they immerse themselves in their art forms. Often intimate and personal, the photographs capture forever a moment in time.
A self-taught photographer, Rakesh Sinha has been photographing performances of not just dancers and musicians but also that of theatre and literature personalities for over 4 decades. He has worked with all the leading artists in the different fields and has been appreciated and acknowledged by the artists. Rakesh Sinha makes it a point to present a set of the photographs to the artists each time he photographs them.
Rakesh Sinha also works with colours but his first love and passion is for black and white photography. Although not having received any training professionally he develops and prints all his photographs by himself in his Darkroom. Rakesh Sinha has had both solo and participated in group exhibitions across India including at ‘Tansen Samaroh’ 2003 in Gwaliar where he had a solo show; ‘Viraasat’ 1997 Allahabad; ‘Rajaya Natya Samaroh’ 1988 Dehradun; and ‘Rajaya Natya  Samaroh’ 1990 Bareli; to name just a few.