11 June 2021, 11:30 pm
Berlanga Celebrates One Hundred Years | Calabuch
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A series of films to celebrate the centenary year of Luis García Berlanga (1921-2010), arguably one of the greatest Spanish film directors of his time and an arch-satirist of Spanish society. Remarkably, much of his best and most cutting work were made under the scrutiny of a censorious dictatorship. The online film series revisits four ground-breaking films that played a significant role in his career and evolution as a filmmaker. Organised in collaboration with Cervantes Institute, New Delhi; Filmoteca de la AECID, ICAA; Filmoteca Española, AC/E; and Academia del Cine, Spain.

The films can be viewed every Friday night of June 2021 on the Instituto Cervantes Vimeo channel, for a duration of 48 hours.

Calabuch [Spain/Italy; 92 min; 1956; b/w; Spanish with English subtitles]

Director: Luis García Berlanga

Recipient of the OCIC Award, Venice Film Festival 1956; CEC Award for Best Actor & Best Original Story, Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain 1957; and Prize of the National Syndicate of Spectacle for Best Film, Best Supporting Actor & Best Screenplay, National Syndicate of Spectacle, Spain 1956

In the middle of the Cold War, tired of working on the construction of atomic bombs and alarmed by the destructive scope of his discovery, a North American scientist of international prestige flees his country and takes refuge in the anonymity of a peaceful town on the Mediterranean coast called Calabuch. The affable professor Hamilton not only integrates perfectly into the small town of Calabuch, forging a deep friendship with his neighbours, but there he will find the happiness he craved for