14 June 2021, 06:00 pm
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Discussions, Webcasts

Reflections on Mughal Art and Culture: The Indian Woman in Persianate Literary Cultures
Edited by Roda Ahluwalia (Niyogi Books, New Delhi: 2021)

Discussants: Dr. Sunil Sharma, Professor of Persianate & Comparative Literature, Boston University; and Ms. Roda Ahluwalia, independent scholar, South Asian Art and Editor of the Book

Moderator: Ms Mrinalini Sil, Ph. D. Research Scholar, Visual Arts, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and an Inlaks Scholar

Thirteen eminent scholars offer fresh insights into the splendid world of Mughal India. Themes as diverse as portraits of royal women, sub-imperial patronage of temples, word-image relationship, the lapidiary arts and the Imperial Library of the Mughals, a reconsideration of Mughal garden typologies, murals painted on architectural surfaces, the textile culture of the city of Burhanpur, etc.