17 November 2023, 05:00 pm
Carnatic Music Workshop: Come, let us enjoy Carnatic Music!
Programme Type
Annexe Lecture Room II, IIC Annexe

Conducted by Carnatic Music Forum, Chennai, the workshop seeks to improve and enhance the appreciation of South Indian classical music among music lovers. The workshop will demystify the various aspects of music - raga, swaras, manodharma (imaginative music); the types of compositions; and will include a live demonstration. 

Speaker and Vocalist: Dr. S. Sundar

Vocal support: J.B. Keertana on vocal,

With J.B. Sruthi Sagar on flute and Dr. N. Padmanabhan on mridangam 

Moderator: Smt Usha Bharadwaj

Organised in collaboration with Carnatic Music Forum, a Chennai based group of musicians, music organisers and philanthropists who wish to propagate, preserve and popularise traditional music.