08 July 2022, 06:00 pm
Crisis of the Womb: Post–pandemic learnings and unlearnings
Programme Type
Seminar Rooms I, Kamaladevi Complex, IIC

Panelists: Prof. Prakash Kotwal, Chairman and Head of the Orthopaedic Department, Pushpawati Singhania Hospital and Research Institute (PSRI); Prof. Anurag Agrawal, Dean, BioSciences and Health Research, Ashok University, Sonipat; Dr. Anjali Agrawal, Senior Consultant and Head, Delhi Office, Teleradiology Solutions; and Dr. Rahul Manchanda, Head, Gynaecological Endoscopic Unit, PSRI Hospital

Moderator: Shri Rajiv Chandran, formerly Officer-in-Charge, UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan

The discussion will focus on women’s health during the pandemic, what are the newer developments now and how has medical care for women changed from illness to wellness medical. The discussion will also address the issue of advancing years and how to keep oneself fit as well as the red flags that one needs to take care of