02 August 2022, 06:00 pm
Programme Type
Films and Exhibitions
C.D. Deshmukh Auditorium, IIC main building


The festival presents films that looks closely at artful and critical engagements in video and moving images by Indian contemporary artists. Organised in collaboration with Video Art by Indian Contemporary Artists (VAICA), the festival is curated by Bharati Kapadia, Chandita Mukherjee and Anuj Daga, the festival is focuses on three themes – The Cartographies of Sensation; Peripheries of the Real; and Urban Heterotopias


Aditi Kulkarni & Payal Arya Memory is Always in the Periphery 09.24
Aditi Kulkarni and Payal Arya look at personal isolation, infused with new meaning during the pandemic. Using 3D scanning technologies, they treat spaces and memories so as to create insightful perceptions. 

Abeer Khan Child-lock 02.12
Produced during the lockdown period, this video plays with the notion of freedom of mind. The afternoons of the lockdown reminded Abeer of her childhood summers, of daydreaming during humid afternoons on fantasy scenarios and projecting these onto the walls.

Maya Krishna Rao It's Easier Now 02.45
Theatre artist Maya Krishna Rao explores lockdown and confinement with designer Mansi Thapliyal. 

Saba Hasan Death will Come like a Shadow 02.11
Saba Hasan responds to the social isolation caused by the pandemic by turning the camera on her own self. A solitary experience of the passage of time, created with painterly textures and overlapping images, sounds and plays of light, and the artist’s voice, reciting her own poem.

Hetal Chudasama Deepest Demarcation 09.52
A performance by Hetal Chudasama reflecting on the death, loss and trauma following the lockdown. 

C Chaithanya The Final Flutter 01.35
Through hand gestures and reflected images, Chaithanya draws a parallel between a butterfly’s existence and that of medical professionals like herself during the pandemic, seeing the emotions and helplessness inside a Covid ward.

Archana Hande Indefinite 05.29
Archana Hande says her video diary is about many layers, “an indefinite diary of time, anxiety and uncertainty of space.” Revisiting recent memories, she feels as though we are closing a period of enforced rest. Now there is an urgency to live in the present and to practice again. 

Kunatharaju Mrudula Try.... Try.... Try.... 02.30
Women’s hands wave and knock urgently on the glass panels separating us from the subjects in this video. The repeated signalling of the hands fills us with dread, and reminded of the threat of domestic or societal violence that women live with constantly.

Khandakar Ohida The Last Dream I Saw 03.35
Khandakar Ohida’s work is marked by her concern for women, especially women who cannot easily communicate their thoughts.

Khandakar Ohida I was Still Silent 03.22
Poised on the fine line between the spoken and the unspoken, the work depicts the invisible labour of the household juxtaposed with the burden of familial duties and concerns. 

Kunatharaju Mrudula Stain 03.05
The white space of a fresh bedsheet forms a staging space for this video. It starts with a play of tangible tension behind the stage, with shifting, gripping unseen forms crushing a pomegranate. 

Bharati Kapadia For Sahba 05.14
Sometimes catching up with an old friend can be about discovering more than you could have imagined. Bharati Kapadia’s phone call to her friend Sahba brings to us the story of an enduring friendship between two women that is reaffirmed even as they speak.

Manmeet Devgun And we Became One 02:07
This work talks about relationships and experiences of love and betrayal. 

Shreya Menon Rabbit Hole 01.41
This work by Shreya Menon is an attempt to represent how power dynamics pressurise people and compel them to adopt ways of living that may be alien to them. 

Ranbir Kaleka House of Opaque Water 10.36
The islands of the Sundarbans are coming under ever-rising sea levels. Ranbir Kaleka travels with a farmer Sheikh Lal Mohan, to a spot in the sea, under which his submerged village lies. 

Devadeep Gupta Normalisation of a Disaster 09.05
Devadeep Gupta observes the impact of a massive industrial disaster, the Baghjan oil and natural gas blowout of 2020. In this stark video, apart from local residents and frontline workers, we see the disaster tourists. 

Pranay Datta Moments Before the Fall 06.33
Pranay Datta simulates ecological conditions and explores a natural phenomenon through the lens and the brain of a machine in this work.