15 March 2024, 06:30 pm
Programme Type
Seminar Rooms 2 and 3

Panj Tirath
An illustrated talk by Amrit Gangar

Panj Tirath and a dialogue with the Mahatma: The Five Gandhian Places around the city of Surat and a yatra: Dharasana, Dandi, Haripura, Bardoli, and Vedchhi. Panj Tirath or the five pilgrimages are five places in close proximity to the city of Surat in South Gujarat that have the distinct imprint of Gandhian influences and activities. In July 2019, Amrit Gangar and a group of young architects and others embarked on a yatra vising the five places where they encountered optimistic octogenarian Gandhians, still actively involved with Gandhian thoughts and institutions

(Collaboration: The Raza Foundation)