09 May 2022, 12:00 am
The Last Honey Hunter (Nepal)
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15 May 2022, 11:59 pm

The Last Honey Hunter (Nepal) | Click here to watch
(36 min; 2017; Nepalese with English subtitles)
Director: Ben Knight

Multiple award winner including the Cartel Award for Best Documentary, Camden International Film Festival 2017; Grand Prize, Krakow Mountain Film Festival 2018; Best Film, Mountain Culture, Banff Mountain Film Festival 2017 among others

In the steep mountain jungles of Nepal’s Hongu river valley, members of the isolated Kulung culture have risked their lives for generations scaling dangerous cliffs to collect a wild and toxic honey. Deep and dark, the film glides through a misty world of forest spirits, dreams, and woodsmoke to share the story of the leader of the harvest and his final journey.

A work of visual brilliance, the documentary follows the unique story of the honey hunter Maule Dhan Rai and brings into play the village traditions and customs that Rai and the Kulung’s practice.