29 September 2023, 06:30 pm
Letters to Theo – The Art and Life of Vincent Van Gogh
Programme Type
Seminar Rooms 1,2,3

Illustrated lecture by Sumanjit Chaudhry who has had a distinguished career in the corporate sector and was formerly, President, The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India 

Chair: Ravi Bhoothalingam

The talk will trace the development and growth of Van Gogh as an artist and a painter through the very intimate 902 letters that Vincent wrote to his brother Theo who provided both emotional and financial support to the artist throughout his life. It will cover his early life, forays into peasant painting and his admiration for the Barbizon school of art, his struggles to master drawing and painting, his interaction with the early impressionists in Paris and the astounding effect that this had on his painting style, his fascination with Japanese art and its influence on his work, his move to Arles in France and his bursting forth with his own very colourful style and his interactions with other impressionist painters.