01 February 2024, 06:30 pm
Phantom Parrot (USA/UK)
Programme Type
Films and Exhibitions
C.D. Deshmukh Auditorium, IIC main building

Phantom Parrot (USA/UK)
(82 min; 2023; English)
Director: Kate Stonehill

The film will be introduced by Apar Gupta, Advocate and Technology Policy Professional

Screening will be followed by a discussion

Phantom Parrot is a feature documentary that follows a British human rights activist as he is prosecuted under terror laws in the U.K. for refusing to hand over the passwords to his electronic devices at the airport. In the process, it unravels a secret U.K. government surveillance programme – named Phantom Parrot – in which the authorities stop people passing through U.K. borders with the purpose of secretly copying their data, using technologies known as ‘Mobile Device Forensic Tools’.