11 March 2023, 06:30 pm
What is Tibetan About ‘Little’ or ‘Greater’ Tibet: Uncovering the Complexity of Nomenclatures in the Himalayas
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Seminar Rooms II, Kamaladevi Complex, IIC

Speaker: Prof. Robert Linrothe, Associate Professor Emeritus of Art History and former Chair, Dept. of Art History, Northwestern University, Illinois, USA. His research is mainly on Ladakh and Zangskar in the western Himalaya and in Pala-Sena period art in eastern India. His recent books include, Reenchantment: Masterworks of Sculpture in Village Temples of Bihar and Orissa (2021); and Seeing into Stone: Pre-Buddhist Petroglyphs and Zangskar’s Early Inhabitants (2016)

Chair: Prof. Siddiq Wahid, Distinguished Professor, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Shiv Nadar University

The subject of sometimes confusing nomenclatures for Ladakh because of the impact of Tibetan civilization on it. Prof. Linrothe argues for a perspective on the history and culture of Ladakh that is not exclusively “Tibetan” but a synthesis of indigeneity, Tibetan Buddhist and Tibetan cultural contributions