Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for the CCTV Cameras Comprehensive & non-comprehensive type
Start Date
11 February 2020, 12:00 am
End Date
26 February 2020, 12:00 am
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for the CCTV Cameras Comprehensive &  non-comprehensive type 

Dear Sir,
1.       I/We* have read and examined the offer documents relating to the above said work, which is consisting of:
  1. Instructions to Contractors
  2. Scope of Work
  3. General Conditions of Contract
  4. Location detail of camera
  5. Financial bid form – Comprehensive AMC
  6. Financial bid form – Non Comprehensive AMC
2.       I/We* hereby submit my/our* offer for providing Annual Maintenance Contract for the CCTV Cameras Comprehensive & Non Comprehensive type at India International Centre, 40 Max Mueller Marg, Lodi Estate, New Delhi-110003 (Main Centre + Annexe) for the complex referred to in the aforesaid documents, upon the terms & conditions contained or referred to therein, and in accordance to and in all respects of specifications and instructions issued from time to time at the rates quoted for the services in the financial bid form during the period set out in the tender documents.
3.       I/We* hereby undertake to keep my/our* offer valid for a period of 3 months from the date of opening of offer.
4.       I/We* hereby further undertake, that during the said period, I/We* shall not vary, alter or revoke my/our* tender.
5.       Should this offer be accepted, I/We* hereby agree to abide by, and fulfill all the terms, conditions and provisions of the aforesaid tender documents.
6.       I/We* understand, that IIC is - not bound to accept lowest offer or not bound to assign any reason for rejecting my/our*offer.